Tuesday, April 8, 2008

T is for... traffic?

I don't know anybody that likes traffic. I love road tripping, but don't
particularly like driving, especially to work.

*Currently* my commute is 22 miles each way and takes anywhere from 35
to 75-85 minutes, depending on weather, accidents, whether there's a
game, etc. Of the things that would get me to, say, leave my job (ahem
not that I'm thinking about that cough cough) would be the annoying
traffic and long commute. It really, truly is a grind.

I don't mind grinding it out ... not all the time, anyway. I've been at
my current job for 2 years and have had some fun and done some cool
things. But oh how I miss working in NYC when I walked 8 blocks to the
train, took 2 trains with no-brainer underground connections, then
walked 4 blocks to my job. Those were the days, man! I listened to
music, read books and magazines, and napped on the train. I never had to
gas up the car and it was an easy detour to walk past the grocery store
on my way home.

Yesterday I gassed up our little 4-cylinder Passat wagon, which rocks,
and it was *just* $47. I do that weekly, and my car gets 30 or so
m.p.g.... what a bummer. It's not like public transport is a reasonable
option for me - it would be 3 buses and a minimum of 90 minutes door to
door, plus delays for traffic.

One thing that's cool about Wife is that we get each other. Duh, right?
Anyway, when one of us, yes it's usually me, are driving and really
stuck in traffic, we'll send a picture of the road or a picture of the
speedometer stuck at 4 m.p.h.

Here's the pic is from today. What I wrote to Wife when I sent her the pic: Don't mind me, I'm just driving to work in first gear.

Good times. :)

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