Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sleeping update

As discussed previously, this is the week where we’re going for broke with getting little man to sleep through the night. So far, mixed results. Last night brought us one large step forward and one small step back.

Large step forward, we’re up to SIX consecutive hours of him all by himself in the crib, 2 hours more than his previous record. That’s not six consecutive hours without crying – HAHAHAHA – but one step at a time, right?

Small step back, due to his off-and-on crying for those six hours, he only made it until 3:30am or so before needing to eat. Which is pretty understandable as it takes a lot more energy to scream and cry than it does to sleep on Mommy.

Anyway, we’re getting there. We are getting there, right? Please let us be getting there.

Here’s picture goodness from a recent diaper change. To keep it g-rated he’s rocking the loincloth.

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