Thursday, April 17, 2008

Craft room update

Howdy kids!

Been awhile since we talked about the craft room project (link and link) & wanted to provide an update. the project is going OK, all things considered. not moving too fast because life keeps us pretty disgustingly busy.

the best part about this project is reaching a minor milestone without screwing anything up, running out of materials, or hurting myself. the worst part has been tying twelve foot lengths of 2x4's and 2x6's to the roof of the jeep and driving home in the rain.

so anyway, here's the proposed floor plan, for reference (click to see it full size):

aaand here's the progress! First I had to do all the site plans and measurements and all that jazz, then relocate every damn thing in the garage to make room to work on the project.

I got up the walls as noted and the door temporarily installed.

After the main wall was up then I put on the 2 @ 2x6 header on top of the wall, then ran the joists as referred to here. the joists are also 2x6's, which should be strong enough to allow me to throw a bunch of storage on top of this whole thing.

it's really hard to see due to the cramped quarters in there and my non-wide-angle lens on my cell phone, but here's a couple shots of the space...

I'll keep working it and try not to hurt myself. cross y'fingers for me!

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