Saturday, April 26, 2008

april milestones

April has been a big month for Feeny McG.

He has reached some important (and fun) developmental milestones and he's just gotten to be so cute and funny and interactive. We are having a great time!
This month he rolled over for the first time. Hasn't mastered it yet but he definitely did it. He's also become quite the chatty Cathy. When he babbles I just nod and say "oh really?", "wow, that's great", "yeah, the mariners are sucking it up this year aren't they??"... and so on. This only gets him more worked up and hence, more babbling.

Another cool thing is that he is now able to hold his own bottles, though this is an interesting one because he only does it when he's in the mood. But I have proof that he can do it:

And lastly, we broke down and bought him this gaudy plastic monstrosity called the "Jumperoo". It's absolutely hideous but lord how he loves this thing. I have never seen him more excited. Judge for yourself:

And a video as further evidence:


Amy L. said...

our neighbors gave us the Jumperoo a few weeks ago. Anya is crazy about the thing and would jump in it for hours if we let her. She's also obsessed with the blue bee/wasp thing that's attached to it. It's all plastic and ugly, but if it makes the kid this happy, it can stay in our living room for a few months.

Reese McG said...

isn't it crazy? i do not know what it is about the jumperoo. it's like baby crack.