Sunday, April 27, 2008

S is for sleeping (through the night!!!!!)

Holy crap I think it's really happening. Fenix slept from 10 pm til 6:30 am last night! Now I should mention that Feeny McG cosleeps. We actually have an Arms Reach mini cosleeper but he refuses to sleep in it nowadays. He insists on being held. If you try to put him down to sleep in the cosleeper at night he wakes up screaming in short order.

So last night we tried to make him sleep in the cosleeper because I could really use a solid night of sleep and I haven't had one in months. Also my back is killing me from sleeping with 13 lbs of baby on my chest. Well he was having none of that. He would fall asleep, then we would place him in the cosleeper and then within a minute or so he would start screaming. We would try to shush him back to sleep, turn up the white noise on the sound machine, and give him a paci but that was a waste of time because he just would scream more and more. So we finally would pick him up and get him to calm down and fall back to sleep. Well take all that and repeat it 3 more times and that's how the first 2 hours of bedtime went for us last night. Oy. On the 4th attempt, I fell asleep trying to calm him down and so did he. When we woke up it was 6:30 am.

So yeah. He slept through the night but it was in my arms. Does that count? God, I'm tired.

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