Monday, April 28, 2008

Trader Joes

I wish there was a trader joe's within walking distance from my house. do you shop at trader joe's? if not - if it's not even something you've thought of before - then you should get with the program. they're an eclectic grocery store. they definitely don't have everything - I've never successfully purchased breadcrumbs from tj's - but the stuff they do have - my oh my.

they're generally on the smaller side - they are a "market" not a "supermarket". but there's still produce and meats and cheeses and vitamins and shampoo and beer and wine.

the things that sets them apart are
... lots of food that's heat and eat that's not terrible for you OR disgusting. you're still supposed to cook all your meals and not eat from a box, but on the night when you're just not going to cook no matter what, this is better than the fast food option by miles and miles.
... 2 gallon apple juice jugs for five bucks - good apple juice, too, the cloudy stuff
... many organic choices for meats and cheeses and dairy and all kinds of stuff like that. why in the world do products have to be labeled if they're organic? it should be the other way around. "made with poison!" or "toxins added - no extra charge!". so messed up.
... beer and wine - many a yummy wine can be found at tj's in the $5 range. plus lots of beers
... there's many more, but I have to end the post at some point so I'll go with tj's brands - they don't make their own (whatever), but they partner up with some sweet companies for some awesome products. you kind of have to comparison shop and shop at other places and overspend to truly appreciate what they bring to the table in this regard, but trust me.

anyhoo, shop at trader joe's & live better. be good!


Jason said...

Thought you might enjoy my Top 10 list of wines from Trader Joe's. Not sure how the selection differs from CA to NY but hopefully you can find some of them. Look for the April list soon!

jay mcg said...

woah - thanks!

Amy L. said...

Trader Joe's is the best. Our household favorites from there are the frozen pizzas (the thin crust ones) and the naan (nowhere close to naan from an Indian restaurant, but pretty darn good for weeknight at home Indian), And the wine.

I'll have to check out the apple cider.

Natty said...

Hiya! TJs carries bread crumbs in the fall around Thanksgiving. They are preservative and hfcs free, so that's when I stock up! :-)

Reese McG said...

oooh sweet tip natty! right on. i'd like to think that i'm so on top of things that I would just keep a supply of my own homemade breadcrumbs but you gotta draw the line somewhere. i will be looking for the TJ's bread crumbs come november!