Wednesday, April 9, 2008

B is for Best Places

Some friends that are so close they're family decided to move out of the Seattle area, in no small part due to the general non-affordability of housing in Seattle. I was curious about the differences between Seattle and Portland, so searched around for a bit and found, which among other things can bring up some city-by-city comparison charts which are kind of fun to review.

Here's a screen capture (you'll have to click it to see it properly). Check out the site for yourself! plug in where you've lived vs. where you've lived. Plus in where you live vs. where you'd like to live.



tyesha said...

interesting. the pop density is interesting. i always thought ptown seems way more spread out. not much difference in how many people live there. I think it is funny that Seattle always wants to act so much bigger than portland.

jay mcgee said...

I was surprised that they had a "non-Hispanic" classification in the race section. I mean, it's pretty simple math - if there's 7% Hispanic then there's 93% non-Hispanic... why call it out?