Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleeping update

2 days ago Wife wrote about our (mis)adventures trying to get little man to sleep through the night. we spent 2 hours that night getting up every 20 minutes to comfort and console and SHHHHH and ho-boy was that fun.

well, we tried it again last night. considering how well the previous night went, we figured that we'd go to bed earlier, so we'd have more stamina and could fight him for longer. and that worked! we fought him for twice as long, for about four hours. after that point we gave up and he slept on Mommy for the rest of the night. so, continued progress in that he didn't eat for the whole overnight . . . but he still had to sleep on Mom, so, you know, that sucked.

as a result of his tumultuous night last night his mood today has been SUPER CRANK, and of course we are just exhausted. he fell asleep on my chest tonight after dinner and I was just soooo tired that I gave up and took a nap along with him. I'm sure I'll need the energy for tonight.

So here it is, 8:30 and we're gearing up for round three. parenthood is awesome and everything, but this... this sucks.

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