Friday, April 18, 2008

speaking of letters

Well no one was really talking about letters but this being April and the nablopomo theme being letters I thought I might actually talk about something related.

I am taking this class on the history of American immigration and it's been an incredible eye opener. There are so many things that got glossed over in my high school history classes and I feel like I really am learning some important things now. One of my favorite aspects of this class has been some of the reading assignments. There is one book in particular that I am really enjoying - Thomas Dublin's Immigrant Voices. The book is a collection of letters and journals written by American immigrants between 1773 and 1986. My favorite so far has been the writings of the immigrant John Harrower (he came to America from the Shetland islands). His musings about his journey across to the Atlantic and life in his new country are really interesting to read.

I would never have picked up this book had it not been for this class because truthfully it doesn't sound terribly fun to read. But I think that I've awakened some great love of history inside of me because I'm really having an awesome time with this class.

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