Thursday, April 24, 2008

OK, so here's what happened.

man I was tired last night. so, so tired. it sucks when I look at the clock when going to bed only to see it show me "11:00" when I know that I'll be up at least once during the overnight to feed His Majesty and my alarm is set for 5:15. that's a discouraging feeling right there, let me tell you. plus with the sleep deprivation from sunday night and monday night and the all day headache on wednesday, i was wrecked by bedtime.

i lay in bed and close my little eyes . . . only to realize that i forgot to blog. damnit. ok. rally the troops. get up. get. up.

ok, get up. up. get up. get. up.

ok, i'm up.

stagger to the living room. didn't even put the glasses on though i can't see worth a damn without them. i only have to make a post and i already have it saved as draft i just have to log in and "publish". get up. i mean, stay up. ok. here we go.

i'm at the couch. i open the laptop. it wakes itself. success so far, thank goodness. ok. nav to the page. stay awake. ok. page is up. i'm doing it, almost do--

machine goes dark. no worky. stay awake. press the button to wake it up. not the power button, the other one. ok. no. wait. what? why...? the screen flashes alive! i'm back in busin--- zzz, machine goes dark. press the button again. nothing. again. nothing.

ok, fuckit. i'm going back to bed. no blog post.

sigh. at least i get to sleep, though not with a clean conscience.

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