Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tight spaces

let me tell you what i'm fucking sick of: people that complain that they have a "small workshop". i read this magazine called family handyman, which is actually a really great rag for someone like me who likes to work in the woodshop and in the house and in the yard and the kitchen and on the family car and all that stuff. recently, though, they had a couple articles titled shit like "solutions for the small workshop" or "small workshop tips and tricks" or some shit. all of these assholes that they profile have 2 car garages as their woodshop or a 15' x 20' outbuilding or some nonsense.

look at this. this is my fucking woodshop:

fuck you, assholes with 2 car garages. if i'm ever lucky enough to have a 2 car garage woodshop, i sure as fuck will not call it a "small shop". I'll call it The Biggest Motherfucking Shop I Could Ever Hope To Have. how about that?

sorry for all the profanity. I'm fucking cranky today.


Reese McG said...

hoo wee! you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

Haydee said...

ahahaah!My husband could have wrote this exact some thing!!!