Thursday, April 10, 2008

O is for orange (chocolate chip yogurt loaf)

I made this delicious snack bread or whatever you wanna call it last night. It's based on the smitten kitchen recipe for lemon yogurt anything loaf. and. holy. crap. it's. good.

The smitten kitchen lady made hers with lemon/blueberries but one of her suggested mods was orange/chocolate chip. So that's what I did. Plus I threw in some chopped walnuts to take it even further. I was going to do lemon/blackberry but the only blackberries we have are frozen from last year's harvest (thanks to the crazy bush in my inlaws' backyard) and I wanted to bake it last night so that J would have it as a surprise breakfast treat today.
Anyway my combo resulted in a very rad cake/bread/loaf thingie that I will most certainly make again. And I suppose that I can eat like 3 slices in one sitting because it is made with yogurt so that obviously means that it's healthy or whatever. Yeah.

So go make yourself one but change it up and use a different citrus/fruit/flavoring combo.


jay mcgee said...

yes. want more. eateateat.

Wife's baked goods make work neighbors jealous.

Lauren said...

this sounds so good! thanks :)

pamguin said...

Sounds yummy. For future reference, most berries you can bake frozen. This actually makes the finished product more moist and the berries don't shrivel up. The one "side" effect is that they can change the color of the dough. My blueberry muffins tend to be very purple for that reason.

Reese McG said...

hey thanks for the tip pamguin! the recipe said to thaw first and i reall y didn't know why. it seemed pointless. but i didn't feel like thinking about it too much at 11 pm so I just skipped it but the next time i make this i'll use the frozen blackberries.